Gray Cells Graphic Novel

Gray Cells

True Detective crossed with Stephen King

A tense supernatural/noir graphic novel thriller.

When a young boy is abducted in the night, it’s up to a rookie journalist to discover the sinister truth.

140 pages of corruption, suspense and supernatural mystery.

8 year old Josh Glass is snatched from his home in the night by a deadly predator with unnatural powers. What begins as journalist Lina Santos’ first big story, descends into a trial by fire as she delves deeper into the city’s dark underbelly to discover the truth.

Corrupt institutions, an apathetic police force and an uncaring system stand in her way as she fights her way closer to a monster only the children seem aware of. Can she save Josh and the others before it’s too late?

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A supernatural / neo-noir thriller

Gray Cells is a dark tale that plays into the fears that we have in the modern world. A distrust of authority, competing versions of reality and losing the sense of what is true and what is a lie.

Our antagonist twists the minds of his victims, making them see reality as he wants it seen and our hero has to piece together what has happened from everyone’s differing version of events.

Josh Glass kidnapped in Gray Cells comic

The comic is set in a fictional US city, rife with crime, inequality and corruption. The pencils and inking are by the very talented Kay who drew inspiration from nearby Detroit for this decaying metropolis.

Frogman menaces a child in Gray Cells comic book

Combined with colors from Corey Ranson, the art does an incredible job of visualizing the worlds of Gray Cells, from the urban rot of downtown to the suburban oasis of Lina’s home and the otherworldly danger of our villain.

Lina Santos interviews mother of missing child in Gray Cells comic

Together they bring to life writer Lawrence Goodman’s crooked vision of modern America and deliver a gripping story with a satisfying and well earned conclusion across the stand-alone book.

Who are we?

Four comic creators from around the world




Lawrence Goodman


Corey Ranson


Nikki Powers

“If you liked Mind Hunters and Stranger Things, this is the comic for you”

Four up-and-coming creators came together via social media to tell a modern day noir with a supernatural twist.

Artist Kay is an exciting artist who has worked on independent titles across the US and Spain, as well as anthologies in the UK and ex-Yugoslavia including Complex at Alterna Comics and Angeli Arbitrium for Tiki God Comics.

Writer Lawrence Goodman makes his comics debut with an exceptional and gripping story on his first outing.

Colorist Corey Ranson is a creator and illustrator who has provided their glittering talents to bring this story to life.

Letterer Nikki Powers is a talented writer and artist who lends her letters and critical eye to Gray Cells because she believes that words can be beautiful. Her work includes Phantom Squad for Coast Comics and Red Winter at Scout Comics.

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Your art is so good!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I love the art”

It’s really well-written and I love the art!


Rating: 5 out of 5.

” Truly great art and storytelling”

Kay is an amazing artist.