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Frogman from supernatural comic Gray Cells

The comic book

A cross between Stranger Things and the Wire, Gray Cells delves into themes of trust, corruption, and apathy.

It’s not just the villain that Lina has to wrestle with as she battles her way through the story. The police, the system, and the very institutions of the city are out to stop her.

Gray Cells is 140 pages of suspense.


Gray Cells follows three main characters.

Lina Santos: Rookie journalist from the Stonebridge Guardian, on her first big assignment for the newspaper.

Josh Glass: A young boy with an obsession for drawing who is abducted from his home in the middle of the night by a mysterious villain.

Dante Fox: A local dealer who was an uncanny ability to tell exactly what people are thinking.

Map of city from Gray Cells comic


St Thomas is a city on the East Coast. It’s split into two halves by more than just the river.

Glittering skyscrapers dominate the skyline and cast a long shadow over the forgotten areas of the city, rife with urban decay, corruption, inequality, and crime.

Dante using his powers in Gray Cells comic


Psychics are real in the world of Gray Cells, though they are rare enough that most people are skeptics.

Mind reading and fortune telling are more than just carnival attractions but a rare few have a more potent and sinister ability.