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Greater St Thomas

Quick Facts

St Thomas is made up of seven districts, the main two being the twin cities of Stonebridge and Rockford, which sit on the opposite banks of the St Thomas River. The magnificent Gateway Bridge connecting the two cities is the longest bridge in the state of Proventia.

Stonebridge is among the globe’s major cultural, financial and commercial centers.

Areas of interest


The Marshes

St Thomas

The Gateway Bridge

One city, two worlds

Gray Cells is set in a divided city. Not only does a river carve through the heart of it, splitting it into two rival centers, there’s also deep inequality and injustice. Downtown Stonebridge’s glistening skyscrapers are home to the city’s elite and they cast long shadows over the neglected neighborhoods that surround it.

There are leafy oases, like Longwood and the suburbs of Warren Ridge, mingled with dilapidated projects, riddled with crime and poverty, like The Marshes and North Rockford.

Beyond the corruption and apathy our heroes have to navigate, there is also another world hidden just below the surface. One where people have the power to read minds, see visions, and even manipulate reality.

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