Gray Cells | Characters


Lina Santos

Journalist for the Stonebridge Guardian newspaper. Before the story starts, Lina is working on the entertainment desk, writing articles on celebrities, music, and movie news, when an opportunity of a lifetime comes her way.

She lives with her husband Mike in a suburb of Ashbank. Mike is keen for them to start a family while Lina’s career is just starting to take-off.

Cherry Glass

Her son is taken in the night by a mysterious predator and the police have all but dismissed her version of events.

Cherry is an addict who lives in the rundown neighborhood of the Marshes in South Stonebridge. She has a foul mouth and a foul attitude to go with it but is desperate to see that justice is done.

Dante Fox

A crucial member of a crew of dealers that operates in the Marshes. Dante has a special talent that makes him invaluable to his friends. He is able to sense people’s intentions and motives which he has used to keep himself out of jail, and his crew safe from harm.

Dante is a smooth talker who oozes charm, fiercely protective, with brains as well as brawn.

Josh Glass

A young boy living in the Marshes who is abducted during the night. He has a talent for art and is obsessed with cars, drawing whatever makes and models he comes across.

Josh is smart and resourceful, even if his teacher has written him off as just another trouble-maker.

The Frogman

An urban legend among the children of Stonebridge. Frogman is a monstrous creature that lures children into his lair where they are never heard from again. He stinks of the river and talks in a strange, lyrical tone which can hypnotize you into doing his bidding. Once the Frogman has you in his sights, there is no escape.

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