Gray Cells | Supernatural


Mind reading

Psychics are very rare in the world of Gray Cells, but they do exist. Some people are able to look beneath the surface and stare into people’s hidden thoughts and feelings.

Mind control

Some are powerful enough to take their gift to another level and begin to dominate other people’s thoughts and actions. They can coerce and influence people into following suggestions, compel them to perform simple tasks, or even command them completely.

Manipulating reality

The most gifted psychics are able to move beyond controlling a single mind and can warp the perceptions of everyone around them. They can literally craft a new reality for themselves where every, sight, sound, smell, and sensation are under their control.


To give these powers a more visual quality Kay tried to create new and exciting ways to represent them on the page. Part of that came from creating a visual language for when the powers are being used which combine with Corey Ranson’s colors for amazing impact. You can find out more about the symbols we chose and why here.

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